AI meeting notes for the real world

Paxo gives you clear, concise, and actionable meeting notes in minutes. Paxo is purpose-built for in-person conversations.

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Never miss a beat with automatic meeting notes

Stop letting key decisions and action items fall through the cracks. Simply hit record and let Paxo do the rest.


Paxo knows who said what with cutting-edge voice identification

After a meeting, conveniently assign speakers using your Contacts. Paxo learns the voice of everyone on your team and recommends speaker assignments for future recordings.


Keep meetings confidential with Paxo's privacy-first architecture

Paxo is architected from the ground up for privacy. We store your recordings on device — not in our cloud. We delete your recordings from our servers as soon as we're done processing them.

A scribe in your pocket for any meeting, anywhere

No more messy handwriting, misheard words, or forgotten action items. Paxo makes it easy to stay organized and on top of your game.

Face to face? Zoom? Not a problem.

Paxo is an app — which means it can go anywhere. Joining a Zoom? Just leave Paxo on your desk. Going on a walk? Just hit record.

Avoid lock-in with easy imports and exports

Paxo makes it easy to export your notes and recordings, helping you avoid lock-in. And importing is just as simple.

More than meets the ear

Always in sync

Paxo syncs your recordings across all your devices using iCloud. Lost your phone? Your recordings are safe.

Organized and searchable

Paxo makes all your recordings organized and searchable. Never have the same conversation twice.

Sharable and portable

Easily import and export your Paxo data to and from apps like Notion, Obsidian, and Google Docs.

Constantly improving

Paxo is constantly getting better. Always moving and improving. Expect new features regularly.

Unconditional support

If you run into a problem, the Paxo team is only a text message away. We keep our customers happy.

Privacy by design

Paxo puts privacy first. We've gone to great lengths to minimize our access to your personal information.